Commercial Zone

  • 10 m from Nencini Sport Shopping Center
  • 50 m from Carrefour Shopping Center
  • 50 m from Franceshini Shopping Center
  • 2 km from Gigli Shopping Center
  • 20 km from Barberino Outlets
  • 38 km from The Mall Outlet Centre

Art centres

  • 1 km from the Industrial Design Museum of Calenzano
  • 5 km from the Pecci di Prato Centre for Contemporary Art
  • 7 km from Ken's Art Gallery
  • 9 km from the Textile Museum of Prato
  • 10 km from the Science Planetarium Museum of Prato
  • 12 km from the Uffizi Gallery
  • 12 km from the Duomo of Florence and the Cathedral of Santa Maria Fiore
  • 12 km from Fortezza da Basso
  • 13 km from Ponte Vecchio
  • 25 km from the Artimino Archaeological Museum


  • 9 km from the Metastasio in Prato
  • 7 km from Teatro Comunale Firenze
  • 13 km from Teatro Verdi Firenze

Around - Calenzano Events

In addition to the architectural and natural beauties of Calenzano and surroundings, numerous events are reporting.

Calenzano Medieval Carnival

Calenzano Carnival is held usually in late February. Carnival also includes an historical street parade, games and attractions animated by the five ancient districts of Calenzano.

Cattle Fair

The 2nd of June takes place the Cattle Fair with sponsors like BioLegno Consortium to bring citizens, especially children and the new generations to the agricultural world, the tastes and smells of genuine short chain.

Calenzano Summer

During the summer, the city has a rich and varied cultural program, shops open in the night and entertainment shows.

Calenzano Environment

The first Sunday of October is dedicated to the environment. Events are organized to draw attention to environmental issues and presented the projects and activities of the municipal government for the development of the territory. The last Sunday you can find a party and “Mercato delle Cose Buone” that also involve manufacturers and retailers of organic products.

Horse Fair “Calenzano Cavalli”

The equestrian event known as "Calenzano Cavalli" (Calenzano Horses) takes place in September . This horse fair takes place in the Carraia sports field near Calenzano, cowboys and knights together for a weekend.

Oil market and fair - Calenzano

This olive oil exhibition is held in in November in Calenzano and allows visitors to taste and purchase extra-virgin olive oil produced in the area. Programs and specific dates of each event are available at:
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