What to visit & do in Calenzano


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What to visit & do in Calenzano

The town of Calenzano is located north-west of Florence, right next to the highway exit "Calenzano-Sesto Fiorentino, between the city of Prato and Sesto Fiorentino. Calenzano is a small town of 15.000 people and boasts a number of attractions and places of historic interest worthy of a big city.
The medieval town of Calenzano (“Calenzano High ") is the main attraction of the area and offers beautiful views of the castle and of its walls. We recommend a visit in via di Barancoli where Strozzi’s Rocca and Baroncoli Tower take place. Between the military architecture remember Legri’s Castle, of the namesake city. In Calenzano there is a "Museum of Industrial Design" which displays about a hundred examples of industrial design, from the '60s until today. In Calenzano you may also enjoy the renowned “Pan Rotondo” (Round bread) a type of medieval bread made with almonds, cinnamon and honey recently rediscovered and locally produced.

The town of Calenzano is enclosed by the Calvana Mountains to the west, home to several trails for hikers and Monte Morello to the east. In the north area, the “Autostrada del Sole” (A1 Highway) enters in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.
The proximity to the city of Florence which is 20 minutes by bus makes it a support economic and convenient point to visit the city and save on accommodation.

Calenzano is an important commercial and industrial town near Florence. Many companies have built their plants in the plain south of the old town of Calenzano, making the area a very productive and busy place. The nearby towns of Sesto Fiorentino and Prato contribute to this sort of industrial district of Florence.
Two railway stations in Calenzano, the names are Calenzano and Pratignone. Here are direct connections to Bologna going through Prato and Viareggio or Pistoia and Lucca.